Friday, October 15, 2010

The Workshop (8th October)

Participants: Ashley Wood, Kelli Butler, Brooke Buckley, Alan Babcock, Gene Ellenburg, Zane Logan, Tom Schram, Todd Stewart, Anthony Collamati, Christina Hung, Sarah Butler, and Anderson Wrangle.

Location: Clemson University Botanical Gardens (photograph by Anderson Wrangle)

Exercise #1: Take a walk in complete silence with one other person for 30 minutes. Pay attention to sound and group dynamics.

Photographs taken on the walks by various participants. Christina Hung and Anthony Collamati (photo by Anthony).

Christina and Anthony returning from their walk in silence.

Photographs from Zane & Ashley's walk (later joined by Brooke and Kelli). Photos by Zane Logan.

Anderson, Nancy, and Jacinda's walk.

The wasp nest in the tree that I wanted to point out to everyone but did not because they had already passed it and I didn't want to break the "code of silence."

We returned to Alan rolling down the hill.

Todd filmed by Anderson (he arrived late and spent his walk in silence looking for everyone else). Photo by Zane.

While everyone started their walk, Anderson, Nancy and I unpacked all the loot plus a much needed cooler full of water. These were the items that we collected at the yard sale as well as additional ones provided by Anderson (rope, extension cord, ladder, tarp, rider's crop, etc.)

We covered it up because it was a hot day and we didn't want the metal objects to get too much sun.

Exercise #2: Pairs of people choose a few objects on the tarp and they have three minutes to create a sculpture. One of the people in the group must use their body in the final product. After the three minutes are up, they return their objects and have two minutes to create a sculpture. Repeat and then one minute sculptures (in the style of Erwin Wurm). Time begins (photo by Anderson).

Anthony and Christina:

Ashley & Zane:

Alan and Christina:

Alan and Gene:

Brooke and Kelli:

Ashley and Brooke:

Tom, Todd and Sarah:

Todd, Gene, and Tom:

Zane and Kelli:

Anderson Videotaping through the Christmas wreath:

Exercise #3: Walk in slow motion toward your partner, tell them a secret, walk in slow motion backwards looking them in the eye.

The End (but not before a game of tug o' war with Anderson' rope): Gene, Alan, Anthony and Jacinda (by Anderson Wrangle).

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